Covid-19 Donations

The Bala Lake Railway is facing the greatest crisis it has ever seen, through no one’s fault.

We have been here nearly 50 years, re-building the railway from scratch, developing and preserving an unique collection of narrow-gauge rolling stock and offering pleasure to thousands of visitors each year. We are rightly proud of the efforts of the volunteers and staff who over the years have made it their passion to achieve this. Now 50 years of hard work and dedication is at risk.

With the railway now closed we face an uncertain period with no income. Your support now is most needed to help safeguard the railway for the future and so that your children and grandchildren can continue to enjoy a ride on our steam train for generations to come.

Please help us if you can. Thank you.

Please note: If you do not have a PayPal account, use the "Donate with Card" button on the following screen. Also, the amount box requires you to enter the full amount, including pence. So if you wish to donate £20, click the box and type 2000. The decimal point is added automatically before the final two zeros.

Appeal progress chart at £12500