St David's Day

2nd March 2024

Celebrate St David's Day (just one day late) with free travel if you live in North Wales and a reduced fare for others (You will need proof of address to obtain free travel).

St David’s Day Free / Discounted Travel Offer

Residents of North Wales will be able to enjoy a free ride on the Bala Lake Railway on Saturday 2nd March to celebrate St David’s Day.

Everyone else qualifies for a discount on full return tickets.

Tickets must be booked online at:

Select travel date as 2nd March; choose to start at Llanuwchllyn or Bala; select a return trip, then select the times for your outward and return journey.

For residents of North Wales, enter the code: dewisant-24 in the discount code box. Then enter your postcode in the next box before you can select your tickets. When checking in with the Guard, you will need a document (driver’s licence or recent bill) to verify your address in North Wales.

For everyone else, enter the code: stdavid-24 in the discount code box. Then select your discounted tickets and pay as normal.

Timetable: orange
Llanuwchllyndep11.30 1.30 3.15
Llangower / Llangywairdep11.40 1.40 3.25
Balaarr11.55 1.55 3.40
Baladep12.10 2.10 3.50
Llangower / Llangywairdep12.25 2.25 4.05
Llanuwchllynarr12.40 2.40 4.15