Llanuwchllyn Signalbox – Society Presidents Appeal update

At the beginning of February 2020 the President’s Appeal totaliser was pointing proudly towards the £4,320 marker. Many thanks to all who have supported the appeal to date, donating via both on and off-line means to help fund the repair and renovation of the signal box at Llanuwchllyn.

Restoration has continued over the winter months with BLR volunteer driver Chris Scott joining the in-house team. Chris has replaced two floor joists near the signal box’s door and has been working with Geoff Hodgkinson to re-lay the floorboards. This work means that the floor will be strong enough to take an acrow prop and bear part of the weight of the roof when it comes to replacing the rotten corner post. The team will soon start work to make safe the current signal box steps, thereafter building a replacement stairway for which the required wood – funded by the President’s Appeal – is already in hand. Meanwhile three replacement windows have been ordered from a joinery firm which specialises in making traditional windows – these also having been funded through the appeal. Appeal funding has already facilitated the purchase of the wood used to re-clad the west gable end and to repair one window sill and the door post.

The President’s Appeal remains open and donations are very much welcome, there still being plenty of elements yet to fully fund and complete – including the purchase of materials required to replaced the remaining window sills and two of the corner posts, plus gutter repairs and re-pointing. Whilst the majority of the work is being done by volunteers, replacing the corner posts and remaining sills are beyond our capability and we are seeking a local builder to complete this vital task, which will inevitably increase the cost of restoring the box to its former glory. Donations can be made via cheque (payable to the Bala Lake Railway Society) to the Railway’s address or by clicking on the JustGiving link here.