Covid-19 Update

Welsh Government regulations have been updated. From Monday 14th September, in addition to the requirement to wear a face covering on our trains, you will also be required to wear face coverings in all our indoor spaces. This includes our shop/café, toilets, and Heritage Centre.

May we also remind you that in Wales the social distancing requirement is still 2 metres (not 1 metre plus as in some parts of the UK) and that you should maintain this distance even if you are wearing a face covering. If you are waiting on the platform for the train, please stand at least 2 metres back from the platform edge and allow passengers to get off the train before attempting to board.

We are operating a near normal service which allows you to do single and return journeys and to board the trains at either end of the line. Our trains are cleaned daily, and we apply a long-lasting surface sanitiser called Zoono. Unlike normal disinfectants which only kill viruses and bacteria that are already on the surface, this provides ongoing protection killing any new viral or bacterial contamination introduced to the surface so the surfaces do not need to be disinfected between journeys. We also provide hand sanitiser at our stations and for your added protection recommend you use this before and after your journey and before entering any of our buildings.

We thank you for helping to ensure that you, your family and friends, and other passengers, as well as our staff and volunteers, can experience a safe and enjoyable time at the Bala Lake Railway.