August Steam Gala

28th - 30th August 2021

Our entire home fleet of engines (subject to availability) will be taking part in a mini steam gala with an intensive passenger timetable and a chance to have a go yourself with our 'Driver for a Fiver'.

We'll also be running some freight services between Llanuwchlyn and Llangower using slate wagons from our extensive historic collection. At Llangower, we will be undertaking a special shunting manoeuvre to allow two passengers trains to pass while the freight is also at the station.

The features for the 2021 August gala are yet to be finalised, but in previous years, we have included the following:

  • All available locos in steam
  • Visiting loco(s)
  • Frequent passenger services
  • Demonstration freight trains
  • Some trains double-headed
  • A steam 7 ¼" gauge miniature railway at Llanuwchllyn
  • 'Driver for a Fiver' - Drive one of our locomotives for £5 at Llanuwchllyn
  • Two free to ride heritage double decker buses running between Bala station and the town
  • Some of the buses continue round the lake to Llanuwchllyn
  • Others buses go on a sightseeing trip to Llyn Celyn reservoir

See our gallery pages for more pictures from previous years events.

Train Timetable

Timetable: pinkNot
Sept 25/26
Not Mondays
or Jun 12/13
or Sept 25/26
Llanuwchllyndep10.1011.0011.5012.40 1.30 2.20 3.10 4.00 5.20
Balaarr10.3511.2512.15 1.05 1.55 2.45 3.35 4.25 5.45
Baladep10.5011.4012.30 1.20 2.10 3.00 3.50 4.35 5.50
Llanuwchllynarr11.2512.15 1.05 1.55 2.45 3.35 4.25 5.00 6.20
All bookings are currently subject to a £20 minimum purchase and tickets must be booked via our online shop.